Dumfries & Galloway Befriending Project - A Poem to a Befriender

Fri 1 Nov 2019

My Befriender

My name is John 

And my life’s a struggle 

Every day is such a muddle 

I have no friends

My life’s a pain

Then I got a befriender

Her name is Lorraine.


We clicked together straight away

Made me smile every day

You came to me when I was low

You made my confidence grow and grow

And turned my frown upside down.


We go together on ghostly tours

Or stay at home and bake s’mores

This makes me smile

Haven’t done that in such a long while


Wallaby Park, such a fun day

Gave me confidence to go down the slide

Yes, ok with you by my side

Our year is up, it’s time to go

To make someone else happy,

this I know


Thank you Lorraine for being my friend

And sticking with me to the end

I’m now in a better place for knowing you,

a kind caring friend

Yes, that’s you.  Lorraine my befriender.


Love John  X