Case Study: Together Co Befriending

Tue 7 Nov 2023

Befriending Networks members Together Co Befriending offer an invaluable service to those over the age of 50 with limited to no social connections, as well as individuals aged 18+ living with health conditions causing isolation, or acting as a carer to these groups.

Together Co creates face-to-face, telephone and group befriending matches, as well as running three befriending social groups a month.

Ivan and Robert are one of these matches.

Ivan was matched with his befriender Robert in November 2022

Since then, Robert has visited for an hour once a week and the friends enjoy talking about Ivan’s life and how it changed when he moved from India to the UK in the 1960s. Ivan loves to share memories of his family and his love of dancing with Robert, who told us: 

'I get joy out of meeting new people, talking to them and finding out what they like in life. I’ve always been interested in people and finding out more about them. Ivan is on his own quite a lot of the time so he doesn’t talk to anybody else all day. We talk about India, food, cooking and his three grandchildren. He always talks about his love of dancing in his 20s and 30s. I think he loves to look back and reminisce about those days.'

For Ivan, Robert’s visits are a highlight of his week.

'I was working as a machinist in India but came to the UK in my early 30s in 1964. I followed my brother here. I love rock ‘n’ roll. Every week we would go to the Labour Club. I loved dancing to Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, I can’t dance anymore. I don’t mind being on my own, but it’s nice to have Robert come and visit me every week.'

Celebrating befriending connections

During Befriending Week, we’re celebrating relationships like Ivan and Robert's, as well as the fantastic work carried out by befriending projects such as Together Co Befriending. To find out more about Together Co and how to get involved, visit their profile on our Befriending Directory.