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Tue 1 Nov 2022

During #BefriendingWeek, let's hear what #BefriendingIs from Interest Link Borders:



Robbie is 16 and lives with his mum, brother and grandparents – Robbie has been with Interest Link since 2015 and has recently joined the youth group after 4 years in our children’s group. Robbie has Distal 22q Deletion Syndrome, Autism, Significant Learning Disabilities, ARFID and a hearing impairment. He is a bright and chatty boy with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Star Wars, vampires and werewolves as well as Marvel superheroes.

During his time with us, he has formed a very strong bond with one of our volunteers Declan who shares similar interests and this friendship has brought huge benefits to Robbie as he is home-schooled so the social aspect is a particular advantage. Throughout lockdown Robbie and Declan had weekly phone calls and also joined in with our Zoom social groups.

After recently turning 16, Robbie has moved into the youth group and Declan also volunteers within this group so their friendship continues, something which Robbie’s mum Susan particularly appreciates. The boys even appeared on the ITV news during the pandemic to talk about their friendship and experiences of befriending! Robbie is very much encouraged by Declan to try all the activities in the sessions and we love seeing them chat and banter!

Susan says she is very pleased that now Robbie has moved into the youth group, he has settled quickly and he comes home and tells her all about the other members and volunteers and what we have been doing. Susan also enjoys the respite element of Robbie’s time with us and enjoys herself swimming or spending time with her oldest son.




By: Interest Link Borders

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