St. Andrews Hospice - #BefriendingIs having a great laugh and someone I can speak and be listened to

Mon 31 Oct 2022

During #BefriendingWeek, let's hear what #BefriendingIs from St. Andrews Hospice


I really enjoy having my befriender, I always feel so much better after she has been to see me. I can talk to her about things – all different things! It helps me that I can speak to her and be listened to. I don’t get out very much now but I feel less lonely, knowing she is there. I always look forward to her coming to see me and we have a good laugh!

Margaret, St Andrew’s Hospice Clan patient.



My befriender John is great, I enjoy his patter and he makes a great cup of tea! I always look forward to seeing him and we talk about lots of things – anything goes! I feel less isolated now. I have had my befriender for quite some time now and without a doubt, I would recommend having a befriender – it has really made a big difference to me as I am housebound.

Lawrence, St Andrew’s Hospice Clan patient.


By: St. Andrews Hospice

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