#BefriendingIs supporting all those who have served in the armed forces

Thu 10 Nov 2022

Remembrance Day marks a time of national reflection as we remember the brave people who sacrificed everything in the First World War, as well as to commemorate all those who have served in the forces, and those who are serving today.

#BefriendingIs supporting all those who have served in the forces, with our membership including Blind Veterans UK, Sight Scotland Veterans, and more who are actively offering befriending services to give veterans support to overcome challenges and enjoy daily life.

Let's watch this lovely film from Ahmed, a Sky Befriender, regarding his befriending experience leading him to honour our army's contribution to our country, for all who have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life. 

Thank you to the Sky Group for sharing this film; find out more here https://www.skygroup.sky/sky-cares 


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