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Mon 31 Oct 2022

During #BefriendingWeek, let's hear what #BefriendingIs from Together Co:


Cath and Anne, Together Co Befriending 

We love the intergenerational matches created through Together Co befriending. The friendship between Cath, 36, and Anne, 62, is made even more special because Cath’s daughter Flo often comes on their visits. Cath has been volunteering with us for about seven years. She stopped volunteering when she had her first baby but returned after having Flo, her second child, and was paired with Anne in October 2021. 

Volunteer, Cath: “I always loved having grandparents and a really wanted to have a relationship with someone in that way. When I got pregnant with my son, I stopped my volunteering, but then my friend ran a marathon and raised money for Together Co, which made me think about volunteering again. 

“I meet up with Anne every week. We sometimes go for a cup of tea in a local café but often I will go to Anne’s house. We chat about everything and anything and I have Flo; my youngest with me most of the time, which is lovely, as Anne has a box of toys she can play with and enjoys seeing her too.”

“Tackling loneliness is so important. I don’t have any family in England, so meeting with Anne is like having an extended family here.” 

Scheme member, Anne: “Seeing a different face during the week means such a lot to me. I often only see my neighbours but not anyone I can really chat to. I love it when Cath and Flo come to visit me, and we chat about everything from the news to the weather. We have become very good friends.”

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