INTEGR8 BEFRIENDING - Volunteering helps me to get more involved in local community

Mon 6 Jun 2022

INtegr8 is the Youth Action Project’s Befriending Service for 10 – 21 year olds. We aim to reach some of West Lothian’s most vulnerable young people, specifically those who are isolated and experiencing issues around their mental health/well-being. Young people may have things going on in their lives such as peer or family difficulties, being bullied, feeling alone, or experiencing stress or anxiety.



I recently joined the befriending group as I retired and I was looking for something to help me get more involved in the local community. The training was easy to follow and you can do it at your own pace. My coordinator is lovely and always there for advice. 

I matched with a young adult who has anxiety issues, however after a few meetings with her I could see a big difference in her mood. It’s amazing how this can happen as I didn’t actually think that I was doing anything for her. 

I actually feel that I could be making a difference and I am so glad that I have given it a try.  These pictures are of my young person at an archery course which we are attending together.


By: INtegr8

If you're inspired and would like to get involved please visit: 

West Lothian Youth Action Intergr8 Befriending (