Age UK North Tyneside - Volunteering has fitted in with my life very easily

Fri 3 Jun 2022

The Age UK North Tyneside Group was established in 1972 as a registered charity, became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 1987 and is a Brand Partner of the Age UK national Charity (i.e. a Brand Partner is a number of independent Charities which share the same name, values and standards). The organisation has grown to become the largest local voluntary organisation in the borough, with a turnover of circa. £5.5m, 250+ staff and 135+ volunteers providing a wide range of services in response to the local situation and needs of older people in North Tyneside.



Maureen is a retired lady who had previously worked in a management role at a local health centre. She lives with her husband and enjoys spending time with their family, walking, swimming, pottering around the garden and going on holidays.
She felt it would be nice to “have a proper purpose” for one day of each week and decided to volunteer at a local charity shop. Unfortunately Maureen found this volunteer role  physically very tiring and it sadly affected her health.
With hindsight Maureen thought that something like assisting within a drop-in centre would be more suited to her. Due to the Covid pandemic all such activities were put on hold and as a result she decided to volunteer as a telephone befriender.
Maureen said “Age UK North Tyneside just seemed to be a big organisation who probably needed lots of volunteers. I knew they had volunteering positions that would fulfill my interests so I applied.
“Volunteering has fitted in with my life very easily. I have supported 3 different people throughout my two years as a volunteer. All have had different life experiences. People have struggled with the isolation during the pandemic. It has been good to support people who may not have had anyone to ring them to say hi and check in with them. I try to keep the conversations light, not getting too emotional and focusing on the positives.
“I have found the support from the Age UK North Tyneside coordinators has been very helpful. The regular calls were very useful for me. If I had any concerns I felt confident they would listen to me.”


By: Age UK North Tyneside

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