Emily Kenward announced as Chairperson of Befriending Networks

Wed 1 Nov 2023

Emily has served on the Befriending Networks’ Board of Directors since 2021 and is proud to have been promoted from Vice Chairperson to Chairperson during this morning’s Annual General Meeting. Talking about her appointment, Emily said:

‘My first remarks must be to thank Glenn for his leadership of Befriending Networks in recent times, as well as setting such a high standard for the role of Chair. I hope that I can match the generosity of time, expertise and enthusiasm that Glenn has brought to the organisation over the past four years’.

At Befriending Networks, these are sentiments that we echo as we wish Glenn a huge thank you and a fond farewell. Despite leaving big shoes to fill, we are confident that Emily will continue the great work Glenn has done for our organisation.

Going forward, we are looking forward to the fresh perspective Emily can bring to our Board, as both the CEO of Time to Talk Befriending and a long-standing member of Befriending Networks. For Emily, these roles have sparked a passion for ensuring our members are able to contribute to the future of the organisation.

‘My immediate hope is for our member voices to be embedded into all we do within the design and delivery of our services, and in the creation of our next strategy. We, as the membership, can play an integral part in the future of Befriending Networks. We will move forward together, and the staff team will be creating meaningful opportunities for the membership to share their views about our operational activity, strategic thinking and direction.’

Emily has long played an active role in the befriending sector and is keen to share her experience and expertise to help raise the profile of befriending nationally. She is excited about promoting both befriending and Befriending Networks through her role as Chairperson, telling us:

‘I believe in the purpose and benefit of collaboration. I am committed to a co-created strategic development plan for our organisation’s future, and to ensure that our collective passion for befriending is recognised nationally. We know that befriending makes a significant difference in people’s lives so together we can amplify and strengthen that voice, with Befriending Networks as a vehicle to make this possible.’

To our members, she says:

‘I encourage you all to get involved and to be open, to share, to collaborate, to connect, helping us fully realise the potential of Befriending Networks as the national intermediary network for the befriending sector’.

Congratulations Emily – we look forward to your contribution to Befriending Networks!