Trustee Lynnette Pryke crowned NEIGHBOUR OF THE YEAR 2021 winner

Tue 21 Dec 2021

Big Congratulations to Lynnette Pryke being crowned NEIGHBOUR OF THE YEAR 2021 winner!

This recognises Lynnette’s tireless work in setting up and running The Alford Hub and showing the most extraordinary acts of kindness to support her neighbourhood. Alongside The Alford Hub being a member of Befriending Networks, Lynnette is also a trustee ensuring we benefit from her inspiration and experiences.


Lynnette Pryke, Neighbour of the Year, 2021

I am so honoured and humbled to have won Neighbour of the Year. To me, community means everything. Last Christmas, the hub delivered shopping and Christmas presents to people in Alford who we knew would be alone. I bought one lovely gentleman a pair of socks and delivered Christmas dinner. He was supposed to be spending Christmas with his family but lockdown sadly put a stop to that. I received the kindest message from his son thanking us for the care we’d shown his father. That’s what this is all about. Helping others. I’d like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who have helped make Alford Hub what it is today.


Details of the Award:


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