Interest Link Borders - Craig knew that there was always someone at the other end of a phone

Wed 15 Jun 2022

Interest Link Borders were founded by carers in Berwickshire in 1990, and cover the Scottish Borders through four local Branches and a Project Office. We offer 1:1 befriending, group befriending, overnight trips, in-school groups and (since March 2020) a distance service.


Roxburgh Rugby Banter Lads- Interest Link`s “Super Heroes"  

Craig is 25 and has a learning disability.  He lives independently and is quite able but very isolated socially. Craig has been linked with James for 5 years. They share a love of Sport and Musicals and have enjoyed many visits to football and rugby matches and the theatre.

Craig gets some residential support but this was very brief during lockdown and they were unable to support Craig to connect with Interest Link Zoom sessions which left him very isolated. As a solution, a Rugby Banter WhatsApp Group was set up, including Rob, another of our volunteers who is a rugby coach. They had daily conversations about football, rugby players, and past and upcoming games. 

Staff members were very happy that he was able to engage and stay connected, ensuring his mental health was maintained. Craig knew that there was always someone at the other end of a phone.

Craig thoroughly enjoyed the banter and it kept him motivated throughout Lock down. Rob and James to surprise Craig by getting a Scotland Shirt for him to wear when watching matches, which he was delighted by. It was a great occasion when the Rugby Banter Lads could meet up with each other face-to-face at a local Cafe and enjoy three special Interest Link Football Cupcakes, designed to order.    


By: Interest Link Borders

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