Thank you Muriel Mowat , our Membership Officer (Scotland)!

Mon 28 Feb 2022


"5 years ago, in preparation, as I thought then, for retirement, I moved from a full-time job in advocacy to my part time role as Membership Officer for Befriending Networks. The plan was to work at most for 3 years and then retire. I am finally preparing for retirement towards the end of May after 5 years with Befriending Networks.

I am looking forward to the next life chapter, spending time in our favourite place in Sutherland and also spending time with my two grandsons and my, very new, granddaughter.

I have enjoyed every moment of my time with Befriending Networks, with the wonderful team, and with members across the UK and beyond. I feel privileged to have been involved, during the past 5 years and, in particular, during the past two years, in the growth and development of Befriending Networks and in supporting all the wonderful work that has been, and continues to be, a vital support to those who have been isolated and lonely."

Muriel Mowat


"Muriel has been the backbone of the team in Scotland, as one of most dedicated and adaptable team members.  From finance to consultancy work, supporting members and producing our newsletter, delivering training and many more tasks, including most recently coordinating the Befriending Fund.  I’m not quite sure how we will manage without her, who will answer the ‘I’m not sure ask Muriel?’ questions.  For now Thank You Muriel for all your hard work, dedication and support to the team, we will all miss you but wish you a very happy retirement, when the time comes in May." Sarah Van Putten, Chief Executive