Befriender Toolkit: Training resources for members (2024)

The best thing about this toolkit is the breadth of info, but also the accessibility. For staff new in post like myself, who are expected to skill up in all areas immediately, having such a clear route in to resources is invaluable. - 2024 Member of Befriending Networks

A range of resources for staff only, free to access but exclusive to members of Befriending Networks, to help with your training of befrienders. You cannot register volunteers for this resource. Please note that all resources require an edit to be appropriate to your project, policies and procedures and that this toolkit is not suitable for direct access of befrienders.

Terms and Conditions of this resource  
All resources within the toolkit are designed to assist your inhouse befriending training, and their individual use are not enough to qualify as competent befriending training. Good practice in befriending requires efficient and thorough training, and selecting only a couple exercises from this befriending training toolkit will not provide you with safe and competent befrienders. Ensure to read our How To Guide to develop your knowledge and understanding as to how best utilise this resource to create a strong and confident befriending team. 

No matter how you like to train your befrienders, whichever resources make you feel most confident as a facilitator - we hopefully have something of use for you! Look at the outline of all the resources in the How To Guide to read what is available, or click here to see a visual overview

We really have tried to be as flexible as possible as we know our 300-odd membership befriending projects come in all shapes and sizes. Have a look, pick and choose what you want to use. Content is designed to cater to face-to-face, distance and hybrid befriending training. There are: Reading; Interactive; PowerPoint; Inforgraphics; Videos; and Written and Audio resources.

Key topics are covered in more than one format so you can pick what suits your facilitation style or your learners needs. And there is no particular order to run your training. These resources are here so you can design and facilitate training to suit you. 

We've provided the tools - now it is over to you to build the befrienders! Read the content list below and the information on how to register and access the Befriender Training Toolkit. 


You can register as many staff within your project as you need - but you cannot register volunteers. These resources are for facilitators only and must be used internally in connection with your policies and procedures. 


In your booking confirmation email, you will receive the link to access the Befriender Training Toolkit. This will be an automatic email from our website and may come to your inbox or spam folder. Please check both. 

What our members say 

Thank you to all our members who fed back on the Toolkit between January and June 2024. We really appreciate it. You can read what our members had to say here. 


Contact the toolkit creator with any questions you may have: 


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By registering for the Befriender Training Toolkit, you are agreeing to our GDPR statement: We will maintain your contact details so that we can provide you with information if/when changes or additions are made to the Befriender Training Toolkit. Your details will not be shared with any external organisation or used for any communication that is not Befriender Training Toolkit related. 
By accessing our toolkit, you are agreeing to read through any materials prior to circulating or facilitating any of the toolkit with befrienders. It is the responsibility of any staff member accessing the toolkit to ensure any materials are edited or altered to be suitable for the befriending project, the specific policies and procedures of said project, and representative of the service users and circumstances that any befriender may encounter.