BEfriend - #BefriendingIs having long talks about interests and tackling loneliness and isolation together!

Sun 8 May 2022

BEfriend (formerly The Volunteer Link Scheme) is a registered charity (no 1072538) established in 1994. We provide one-to-one volunteer befriending to people within the London Borough of Ealing who are socially isolated because of physical, sensory, cognitive or psychological impairment.

The difference Befriending can make

Geoffrey and Selina


Geoffrey is 57 years old. He grew up in care and developed alopecia at a very young age. He is also a survivor of sexual abuse.

When we assessed him, he disclosed feeling very lonely and isolated. His symptoms (hearing voices, paranoia) were exacerbated when outside his home, especially while using public transport. He had not left his home other than for shopping in many years.

Geoffrey is a talented painter and wanted to explore this further with a volunteer.

He started his match with his volunteer, Selina, early November 2021.

After three months of meeting with Selina, his wellbeing score went up 12 points (from 29 to 41). This is a remarkable result!

Selina and Geoffrey go for long walks together, visit local shops, and have started a book club. They have long conversations about their interests. Geoffrey has also decided to join activities for single people in the community.

Geoffrey had not read a book in 35 years! He finds reading challenging, but thoroughly enjoys it. They read books about self-care and share their insights when they meet.


By BEfriend

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