Befriending & The Great Get Together

Fri 23 Jun 2023

Inspired by Jo Cox MP, The Great Get Together takes place from the 23rd to the 25th of June and aims to unite communities and bridge divides. At Befriending Networks, we’re proud to support befriending projects across the UK that do just that and are excited to celebrate their achievements.

Our Social Isolation and Loneliness Winter Funding Report asked members to share case studies from their projects that highlighted how properly funded befriending projects are best equipped to provide support to individuals and communities.

Community InfoSource, a Glasgow-based organisation working with marginalised communities, responded to tell us how their befriending project had helped to connect an asylum seeker with his local community.

One of our befriendees is a man in his early thirties. He was referred to our befriending project last year as he was extremely socially isolated. He had previously been involved in an incident which had left him feeling scared to leave the house. He resigned himself to staying inside and felt lonely and angry, spending as much time asleep as possible.
After working up the courage to meet with our befriending coordinator, he was matched with a befriender of a similar age and background who shares his love of football. Together they have taken part in a football tournament, board game club and more – all of which have helped him to make new connections within his community and built his confidence.
Since meeting with his befriender and participating in our activities, he says he feels like a changed man. He is no longer scared to leave his home and ensures he gets out every day, even if just for a walk around his local park. Through our sessions and time spent with his befriender, he has made friends, learnt new skills and discovered new interests. Instead of feeling angry and alone, he now feels connected to others and has a new sense of motivation.


The Great Get Together is all about celebrating what we have in common and building new connections. Jo Cox believed that ‘we have more in common than that which divides us’ and projects like Community InfoSource, and stories like this, bring that message to life and show just how true this is.

If you’d like to take part in the Great Get Together 2023, whether that be through attending an event or running a Great Get Together yourself, you can find out more at Alternatively, you can share your #MoreInCommon story on social media by tagging @great_together or using the #moreincommon hashtag. Don't forget to tag @BefriendingNet too!