Vintage Vibes - #BefriendingIs meeting not just one but three friends

Thu 3 Nov 2022

During #BefriendingWeek, let's hear what #BefriendingIs from Vintage Vibes


Norma delights everyone she meets, whether she’s talking about food, being nostalgic about the past, or just having a chat after going to the Vintage Vibes Film Group.

Norma had a career as a primary school teacher, and joined Vintage Vibes as a VIP to find someone to have interesting conversations with. Later, she was enjoying herself so much that she also became a volunteer!

Alongside friends at the Film Group, during her time with Vintage Vibes Norma has created incredible friendships with Jana and Fiona, meeting up every week, and during the pandemic she became a ‘Biscuit and Blether’ volunteer and developed a friendship with VIP Grace.

Norma says “I've been lucky to have had connection with Jana and Fiona. Of course, it's super to look forward to a once-a-week meeting. Lockdown was awful but to phone Grace and hear about her large family was a comfort.”

Norma loves food and will often be seen at Vintage Vibes events with Fiona, last week she was even the first to volunteer herself to make pizzas at our 7th Birthday Party!


In 2018, our volunteer Luke interviewed her about her passion for food and said ‘I learned more about Edinburgh in the 2 hours I spent with her than I have in the 2 years I have spent living here.’. Following on with the theme, in 2019, Norma was one of the lucky VIPs to meet Tom Kitchin from BBC’s Saturday Kitchen Comic Relief special. He cooked her some delicious food, and she was featured on the national TV segment.

“Social meetings, like the pictures, are a great benefit, as are friendships. I think you all do great things for us.” Why thank you Norma!




By: Vintage Vibes

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