About Befriending Networks

Befriending Networks envisages a society that values befriending, recognises its importance, and provides befriending support to everyone who needs it. Since the late 1980s, we have offered support, training and guidance to hundreds of befriending projects across the UK and beyond and raised awareness about the ways befriending reduces social isolation and loneliness by improving wellbeing.

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Our objectives at Befriending Networks

Befriending Networks exists to:

  1. Provide a high standard of information, training, quality development, consultancy in relation to befriending
  2. Raise the profile and understanding of befriending among politicians, commissioners, funders and members of the public in order to increase their understanding of befriending within a continuum of social care provision
  3. Support the delivery of high quality befriending services
  4. Maintain an effective and supportive network among its constituent members

Taking Full Advantage of Membership

Are you considering becoming a member of Befriending Networks but not sure what that means? Are you pitching membership to your board of trustees but need information to pass on? Are you new in post and need to learn how to take advantage of your pre-existing membership? Whatever the case may be - this document is designed to help! 

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