Befriending Networks Members Evaluation Report 2022

Wed 29 Jun 2022

Befriending Networks Members Evaluation Report 2022

Thank you all members for your feedback and comments! 

Befriending Networks sent out our annual members’ evaluation survey in April 2022 aiming to gather feedback from members during 28th April to 23rd May 2022.

As in previous years, our survey focuses on obtaining feedback from our members regarding,

* How our members are accessing and using our services

* Our members’ ratings and comments towards our services

* How well we are in delivering our objectives

* How well we are supporting our members to cope with COVID-19

* How well is the membership in supporting their growth in knowledge, skills, connection, and impact

In the past year, Covid19 has continued to have a widespread impact on befriending. All befriending projects adapted their services to ensure these are as Covid secure as possible and responding to changing requirements and priorities. Member organisations continued to cope with in-creased demand, and, in some cases, managing with fewer than usual staff members.

We are glad that the response rate for this survey continued to increase, with 149 feedbacks (80 in 2021) received from 575 invitations (345 in 2021) leading to 26% response rate (23% in 2021, 20% in 2020).

Please read the full report here

Executive Summary