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Sun 8 May 2022

BEfriend (formerly The Volunteer Link Scheme) is a registered charity (no 1072538) established in 1994. We provide one-to-one volunteer befriending to people within the London Borough of Ealing who are socially isolated because of physical, sensory, cognitive or psychological impairment.


The difference Befriending can make

Sam and Sajid

Sam is 45 years old and has a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder.  He was referred to BEfriend’s Linked Minds project, which supports people who are isolated because of a mental health condition.

During our assessment, Sam told us he felt very lonely and isolated. His home was in complete disarray and his personal hygiene was very poor. Sam spoke about his many interests which he had not felt well enough to explore in a very long time.

He was matched with his volunteer, Sajid, in January 2022. Sajid has recovered from a severe mental health problem himself. The client found this particularly useful and inspiring.

They usually meet in Central London and travel to interesting locations together. They have joined multiple chess tournaments together and frequent museums and parks together. They have also gone to the cinema and shopping centres. Without Sajid’s support, Sam would not feel confident enough to do any of this. Sam’s wellbeing has increased as a result of his interactions with Sajid and his personal hygiene is markedly improved.

By BEfriend

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