Time to Talk Befriending - Creating connections with others is a part of our human essence

Sat 4 Jun 2022

Founded in 2013, Time to Talk Befriending overcomes loneliness experienced by older people through a range of relationship-centred, excellence accredited, befriending services. The charity currently operates across Brighton and Hove, Adur and Worthing in Sussex and specialises in intergenerational projects, chaplaincy, and signposting, in addition to providing a blended model of telephone, face to face and group befriending. 


Volunteer Hollie:

“I began my volunteering journey with TTTB back in July 2020. I joined as I wanted to connect with the local community during a time where I recognised through my job the immense amount of social isolation members of our local community had during the beginnings of the pandemic. Creating connections with others is a part of our human essence and this is where I found TTTB.

After talking with TTTB to understand my interests and who I am (very much like a dating app!) I was matched to the wonderful Ivy. The time taken by TTTB to assess our chemistry allowed Ivy and I to hit it off so quickly. Initially our telephone conversations were only 15 mins but now nearly after 2 years they have blossomed to wonderful marathons much to Ivy’s surprise! We speak about anything and everything, nothing ever feels forced and if one of us isn’t up for the call that day we don’t do it. After every call, not only do I feel connected, but I also feel a sense of belonging and pride. Although our chats are only once a week, I know the positive impact it has not only on Ivy’s mental health but mine too. By building this relationship with my befriendee I have been able to make a powerful connection with my community, that small difference to brighten someone’s day. Joining the TTTB volunteers has also changed my mindset in my everyday life by stepping into someone else’s shoes and what small changes I can make to their day to make it easier for them.

Two years on and I’m still excited to have my call every week, ready to hear the next story from Ivy. I encourage anyone reading this today that if this is something that you’re interested in absolutely go for it, it’s definitely up there with one of the best things I have ever done!”


By: Time to Talk Befriending

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