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Thu 3 Nov 2022

During #BefriendingWeek, let's hear what #BefriendingIs from Home Link family support:


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An unlikely match

Often when clients are encouraged to be specific about what skills or interests, they would like their volunteers to have they say ‘an older woman with children of her own’. Daisy was a client who said this would be her preference, but she was open to meeting with any of our volunteers.

We did not have a volunteer who marched Daisy’s specific request, so rather that keep the family on the waiting list we asked Daisy if she would consider another volunteer. Daisy was introduced to May, a 25-year-old student with no children, not exactly what she had in mind. However, during the match meeting, the two women found common ground and Daisy liked the way May interacted with her young son. The pair started to meet weekly, initially to take Daisy’s son outdoors to get fresh air and to get to know one another. The relationship grew and Daisy felt able to open up to May about the stress she felt with her house being disorganised. They agreed to spend the next few meetings sorting out the child’s room. May’s attitude and energy helped Daisy to feel motivated and soon they had sorted, cleared, and organised the room.

The relationship grew from there and Daisy opened up about how she would like to return to work in the future. She mentioned that she had completed two years of a business degree but had not completed it. May’s ‘can do’ attitude struck again, and the women started to research university courses. They completed the application together before their 12-month match came to an end. Both reported the match had had a positive impact and felt they were leaving with new skills and experiences.

Catching up with Daisy this week she advised that she was accepted into the second year of the degree course, and she started the new term 2 weeks ago. Her son is in nursery, and she felt confident to start driving (something she had previously been too nervous to do) to ensure she could make the drop-off and pickups. She described the volunteer service as ‘five star’ and said that May had provided support and motivation to help her realise her potential.

It just goes to show that it is worth having the conversation and the value in exploring options.


Client requested story stay anonymous so names have been changed.  


By: Home Link family support

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