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Wed 2 Nov 2022

During #BefriendingWeek, let's hear what #BefriendingIs from Northamptonshire Carers Community Companions:


Community Companions celebrates 10 years 

Formerly known as the Sitting Service, Northamptonshire Carers Community Companions service is proud to be celebrating 10 years of supporting carers across the county, with the launch of its new name.   'Community Companions' better reflects we are offering something for everyone – the carer, the person they are supporting and the volunteer says Adam Wilson, the project manager for the service.  Community Companions is free and provides a short break to those with unpaid caring responsibilities by linking them with a local volunteer befriender to build lasting, supportive relationships. 

We would not be able to run this successful service without the commitment of our team of volunteer befrienders across the county and as such we combined celebrating our 10-year anniversary with an afternoon tea party as both a thank you and appreciation of the major contribution they have made.

Since the service began our volunteers have provided in excess of 19,000 hours of support to over 350 unpaid carers providing them with some precious ‘me time’ affording peace of mind knowing someone they know, and trust is on hand.

We are proud to support a growing number of volunteer Befrienders, many of whom received 5 years + service awards presented by our Trustees. We feel this demonstrates how much volunteers get from the time they give, the value we place on them and the support we give to them in their roles.


Shirley has volunteered since the service began and received her 10yrs service award, Shirley has befriended 12 carers and the person they care-for.   For Shirley volunteering is “An opportunity to meet new people, make friends whilst allowing a carer some respite and freedom.  I enjoy listening to peoples life’s stories and it is very rewarding to encourage (befreindee’s) interests and hobbies”

Being a Befriender is a rewarding experience as another of our team said “Volunteering makes everyone a winner; the carer, the person being cared-for, and the volunteer all gain something.  A unique relationship is formed and as a volunteer, I do have a feeling of a worthwhile job well done”. Volunteering can restore a sense of purpose so important to our own well-being. 


If you would like to find out more or interesting in joining us and can spare 2- 3hours per week please contact Adam, Emma or Kaysha on 01933 677907 or email or you can visit our website where you can apply directly.



By: Northamptonshire Carers Community Companions

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