CACE - #BefriendingIs to encourage people to pick up new interests

Tue 31 May 2022

CACE was initially founded in 1990 by a group of people who recognised the need to support older people in Cumbernauld and the surrounding areas. For over 30 years now, the charity has promoted the welfare of vulnerable, older people and their carers. They educate, train and work with people to improve quality of life in their community.

Face to Face Befriending

L was originally receiving BF telephone calls during the pandemic and received a six week befriending call from Maria(staff member) at the start of the January 2022.  She was socially isolated and very depressed after the death of her husband. L is not a British national and needed social interaction to help keep her English language up to date.  She also had her own health problems and was diagnosed with cancer.  A house visit was completed and L intimated that she would like a face to face befriender.  L was then matched with R a lady volunteer of similar intellect.  R visits L weekly on a Saturday and has managed to persuade L to take an interest in other clubs and activities.  L also attended our 32nd Tea Dance celebration and everyone remarked on the change to L.  She was dancing and even swapped telephone numbers with a lady she met outside whilst having a smoke.  In a weekly report, R mentioned that L was going to see ‘Downton Abbey’ with her.  L also txt Maria (staff member) and said “Thank you for my wonderful friend – R. Your taste is impeccable!”.  A neighbour also noted that she couldn’t believe the difference “we” (CACE) had made to L’s life.  She said L had chapped her door and asked her to take her to the local garden centre for plants.  She is now taking an interest in her garden again which she had let fall into an overgrown state.  L has bow stated that she would like to give something back to CACE and has intimated that she would like to volunteer as a telephone befriender.



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