Befrienders Highland - #BefriendingIs giving encouragement and fostering self-esteem!

Sun 8 May 2022

Befrienders Highland is a registered charity with a vision of a world where we all use our natural capacity for friendship to break down barriers which isolate and limit us. Their Mission is to make befriending an indispensable and growing part of health care in the Highlands, supporting and improving mental wellbeing through: 1) providing and developing a range of befriending services, and 2) raising awareness of the power of supported friendships.
The difference Befriending can make

Tina is a volunteer on the Memory loss and Carer’s befriending team,

" When I relocated to Ullapool, I looked for a Befriending service to volunteer with, as I had been a befriending volunteer, where I had lived previously and had enjoyed this. 

What initially appealed to me, was giving back to my community and supporting others.

The most rewarding aspects about befriending has been developing a relationship with my friend. 

Listening to and learning from my friend about their life experiences and history

The most valuable aspects of friendship, for me, are sharing, caring, being empathic, giving encouragement and fostering self-esteem.

The impact on my own mental health is knowing I am having worthwhile relationships with caring, loving people.

I truly appreciate being able to volunteer with Befrienders Highland. I have been so well supported by my Coordinator, Carol Summers and all the other staff.

It has been and continues to be a very rewarding experience and an honour to do so."


By Befrienders Highland

If you're inspired and would like to get involved please visit: 

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