Victoria, our Learning & Development Officer, is celebrating her 5th year at Befriending Networks!

Thu 30 Mar 2023

I joined Befriending Networks to lead the learning and development department in April 2018. A lot has happened since then: primarily the design of our training catalogue which now offers 20 courses for a range of topics, needs and development opportunities. 

In my five years, what I am most proud of is the bespoke work. I have completed 32 contracts to date with unique projects, with more in the pipeline. Researching needs, helping projects start up, to train volunteers or build staff confidence is a great challenge and adds variety to my job in a very rewarding way.

Offering a free consultancy session allows me to learn more about a project, their wants or needs, and from there the bespoke journey begins. I love the design process and by creating formats that are easy to use and to edit, and being designed in that organisations branding, I am providing a sustainable and efficient investment to the client. Though they purchase bespoke once, they can use the package as many times as they wish or need in-house, and it is great to know we have provided that duration of support to community projects.

Interested in bespoke and want to know more? You can book your free consultancy meeting with Victoria here:
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