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Scotland's Befriending Sector to Measure Wellbeing

07 April 2009

The Scottish Government stated in its 2007 Concordat that it would increase the average score of adults on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale by 2011 as a way of showing that they had increased the wellbeing of the nation.

Befriending Network Scotland has set up a pilot research project to explore whether befriending enhances the wellbeing of the clients that it supports, using the same Warwick/Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale. It is hoped that results will demonstrate the leading role befriending can have in the Scottish Government’s vision for a stronger, healthier Scotland.

Fifteen befriending projects covering a range of client groups are set to take part in the pilot, each assessing the wellbeing of their clients as they are accepted into projects, assessing them again after three months, regardless of whether they have been matched into a befriending relationship or not.

Results from the pilot are set to be presented at the sector’s national conference in October 2009. It is hoped that the pilot will lead to a much larger piece of research into the positive impact befriending has on wellbeing.

For more information on the pilot, please contact: Susan Gilchrist, Training Officer, Tel: 0131 225 6156, Email: susan@befriending.co.uk.

For more information on this article, contact Liz Watson on 0131 261 8799, or email admin@befriending.co.uk.