Volunteer Training Toolkit

Access to free volunteer training resources is one of the key benefits Befriending Networks offers to its members. The new Volunteer Training Toolkit has been created to provide a variety of training resources to assist coordinators to train new befrienders. Want to know what exactly is in the volunteer training toolkit? Find out HERE 
"Excellent well thought out toolkit. Raises all issues our befriending projects faces and needs to cover with Volunteers" - Organisation 2021 
"I cant think of anything to improve it, it's great!" - Organisation 2021
"The toolkit was a god-send during the pandemic and I am certain that we will be using it long after" - Organisation 2020 

"We Provide The Tools - You Build The Volunteers"

Welcome to the brand-new Volunteer Training Toolkit. This is for befriending staff only and is not suitable for any volunteers to be registered to. This Toolkit provides befriending coordinators with a variety of resources to assist in training volunteer befrienders. With a choice of video, audio, written and discussion-based content, the Toolkit strives to help you meet your volunteer's learning needs. Content relating to face-to-face as well as distance befriending is included. Learn more in the video below!

Please note that the Toolkit has been specifically designed to provide essential information about befriending, which should be used alongside in-house, organisation-specific training. Your organisation will have specific policies and procedures that are important to share with volunteers during training, in addition to material covered by resources in the Toolkit. 

How Do I Access the Toolkit?

  1. Ensure you are logged into your account.
  2. Select the Access the Volunteer Training Toolkit in the events below to register with your name and organisation's detail. The names of participating volunteers should not be provided, registration is for member organisations only.
  3. Your booking confirmation will provide you with a link to the webpage hosting the Volunteer Training Toolkit and all its many resources. Once you have this link - bookmark it or save it to favourites. 

Have Questions or Feedback about the Toolkit?

Email: Victoria Galloway, Learning and Development Officer, victoria@befriending.co.uk