Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting Impact

Purpose of course

What is impact and how do we measure it? How do we best monitor and evaluate our service to show the impact we are making in the community?

Join this course to learn more about evidencing the impact of your befriending project to demonstrate your work to stakeholders and funders. As you will learn, impact measurement can also support the evolution of your project, highlighting strengths and areas for development. This workshop will give you access to social impact research, and the challenges we face while measuring and evidencing the impact of befriending projects on the community. There will be the opportunity to learn measurement frameworks, network and share experiences. All participants will gain guidance on creating their theory of change, embedding measurement framework within your operations, and how to compile evidence efficiently and effectively. 

All attendees will receive a measurement toolkit resource and a copy of any slides used. To ensure the time online is productive and comfortable, there will be regular comfort breaks. Please note that this event is suitable for befriending staff/trustees but is not appropriate for volunteer befrienders. The facilitation is designed to welcome those who are brand new to measuring impact as well as those who are experienced in monitoring and evaluating their project and are looking to develop skills or build confidence. 

"Greatly appreciate the time and effort that must have gone into this!!" - Attendee July 2021
"One of the best training sessions I have attended recently." - Attendee September 2022
"Always good sessions with Befriending Networks, thank you for this support" - Attendee November 2023  

Duration and time

Please make sure you are available on Thursday 23rd May, 10AM - 1:30PM. Want to attend but are busy that day? This training event will run again in the future and you will have another opportunity to participate then. 


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*Please note: we understand that circumstances may require a change of training dates. We allow you to defer once when we are given notice at least 48 hours before the start date. After this time, it is seen as a non-refundable cancellation. Please check your diaries before committing to any dates.