Dementia and Befriending

"Your training toolkit is fabulous - absolutely incredible, I have signposted it to everyone - it is amazing how much detail is included in all the elements! Thank you"
"Great session and really appreciate that we were offered a free follow-up session - great to get a few weeks to review content and come back with questions and comments."
"Loved the part on the representation of dementia in the media - the whole toolkit addressed issues I am aware of but the course amplified my awareness - great food for thought and I feel I could train volunteers now."

Purpose of course

Dementia and Befriending has been designed due to feedback and high demand from befriending organisations across the UK. This training course is suitable for Staff and/or Trustees who are: 

  • Unsure how to best support service users with dementia 
  • Unsure how to train volunteers so they feel confident about their role and abilities to make a positive impact through dementia befriending 
  • Unsure how to risk assess a match or location for dementia befriending 
  • Unsure whether dementia referrals are appropriate for their project 

This course is to help you design your in-house dementia training with the use of our training resources and/or help you to create a dementia-friendly service following good practice guidance. 


All participants will come together online for our interactive workshop. Here you will go through different activities and discussions to build your knowledge and understanding of a dementia-appropriate befriending service and efficient training. All participants will receive a copy of two resources post-workshop:

  • Training Toolkit: Resources, activities, and information for training staff and/or volunteers to better support those with dementia. All materials and training activities can be taken, altered, and/or used within your project as you see fit.
  • Good Practice Guide: Supporting People with Dementia: Guidance on running a befriending project that supports service users with dementia. This GPG is exclusive to this course.

Duration and Time Commitment

All participants will be given access to the resources after the workshop. Please be aware our Good Practice Guide and Training Toolkit is very detailed, broken into several sections, and requires time to read thoroughly and reflect on. For this reason, your facilitator will suggest an optional follow-up session which is free to all attendees. This is a meeting of one hour (maximum) on Zoom within two to three weeks of the original event time. This is to allow participants an opportunity to complete the reading of both the toolkit and the good practice guide and to ask any questions or to seek support directly. 

Please ensure you are available to join this workshop 9:45am - 12:45pm Thursday 13th June 2024. If the date or time of this training event does not suit you, please book an alternative date for the course running. Dementia and Befriending runs three times a year (minimum).


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Contact your facilitator


* Please note: we understand that circumstances may require a change of training dates. We allow you to defer once when we are given notice of at least 48 hours, after that it is seen as a non-refundable cancellation. Please check your diary before committing to any dates.