Welcome to Good Practice events at Befriending Networks

Good Practice is a brand new section of training and events at Befriending Networks. Each event is focused on an infastructure of interactive workshop and discussion, followed by access to the appropriate good practice resource. Current there are three events available in Good Practice. Scroll down for available training dates. Our three events are: 

  • Dementia and Befriending (Previously Topical Training)
  • Beginners Guide to Starting a Befriending Service (New)
  • Being a Befriender (Coming Soon)

Dementia and Befriending

It is commonly reported that a diagnosis of dementia can highlight two concerns for projects:

  1. Volunteer retainment decreasing due to volunteers feeling they are not making a positive impact;
  2. Befriending projects struggling with whether they feel comfortable or competent accepting dementia referrals

If this relates to your project or if you are deciding how far volunteers can support someone with dementia once they have been diagnosed post-match - this course is here to help! The workshop aspect will allow participants to discuss the challenges they are personally facing within their project, as well as an opportunity to problem-solve with Befriending Networks and peers. All participants will receive two resources to assist their operations and volunteer training in the hope that projects can continue to support service users who have a diagnosis of dementia, with confidence and competence: 

  • Resource One: Training Toolkit Resources, activities and information for training staff and/or volunteers to better support those with dementia. All materials and training activities can be taken, altered and/or used within your project as you see fit.
  • Resource Two: Good Practice Guide Supporting People with Dementia: Guidance on running a befriending project that supports service users with dementia. This Good Practice Guide is exclusive to this course.

We aim to run this event once a quarter. £80 for members / £90 for non-members 

Running a Befriending Service

This 2.5hr interactive workshop will be non-stop discussion, networking and top tips to support new befriending projects and / or new befriending staff. Key topics will include:

  • Protecting Volunteers Wellbeing
  • Matches: Open-ended or Time-Limited?
  • Building a Positive Reputation and Decreasing Inappropriate Referrals 
  • Key Policies and Procedures to Ensure Strong Operations 

We aim to run this event twice a year. £15 for members / £25 for non-members 

Being a Befriender

This event is planned for summer 2022, a one-off event specifically for volunteers with all participants receiving the latest version (Aug 2021) of our volunteer good practice guide: Being a Befriender. 


Found 2 events.

Running a Befriending Service (NEW)

Tuesday 22nd March 2022, 9:15am - 11:45am

Dementia and Befriending

Wednesday 9th March 2022, 12:30pm - 2:30pm