Befriending Week 2022


#BefriendingWeek 1-7 November 2022 - Creating Connections: Celebrating 10 Years

#BefriendingWeek, 1-7 November, is the highlight of our year at Befriending Networks. 2022 is even more special as we celebrate 10 years of Befriending Week! It is a chance to celebrate and raise awareness about everything #BefriendingIs and we are delighted to have you join us! 

Many befriending organisations continue to face challenges due to rising cost of living, changing rules and restrictions, and increasing demand and complexity for services. We invite you to take time to reflect on and share what has been achieved, let befriendees know how important they are, and thank befrienders and staff. It is also an opportunity to look forward to a better future and raise awareness about how befriending can help to create connections among communities, be that face-to-face or at a distance.

It is inspiring to see how befriending is helping our communities to create connections and overcome various challenges. In addition, all these are not possible without the contribution of befrienders. Here are our Befriending statistics for the year to June 2022,

As in previous years, Befriending Networks will be sharing befriending case studies from its membership on our webpage and on social media. If you have want to share about the difference befriending has made to a befriendee, the positive impact befriending has had on a befriender, the evolution of a befriending match, or a special event you’re holding for Befriending Week, please include a picture or video with your submission email to by 1 October 2022, with consent from people involved so we can share their photos and names. As we are celebrating 10 years of Befriending Week, we also seek any story with a hint of 10, be it a befriender with 10 years of befriending experience, a new service just completed its 10th match, or it is your befriending service’s 10th year anniversary etc! (see Sharing Befriending Case Studies Guide for reference with consent form template)

Want ideas to help you celebrate Befriending Week? Join our Networking Q&A to see how others are planning to celebrate Befriending Week!

1) Supporting Events & Activities during Befriending Week 2022
Wednesday 10 August 2022, 12:30PM -13:30PM

2) Raise your profile during Befriending Week 2022
Wednesday 05 October 2022, 12:30PM -13:30PM

To further prepare for celebration and to thank all befrienders, Befriending Networks is delighted to share this year's Resources Pack. We aim to provide resources to amplify your voice (such as Hints & Tips for Writing a Press Release), guide to share your message (such as Sharing Befriending Case Studies Guide), tips to spread your word on social media (as well as various graphics, videos, and statistics), and also to plan your celebrations (ideas, bunting, and certificates)!

The Befriending Networks Team is also busily preparing for this year's annual conference, which will take place during Befriending Week. Stay tuned to find out more and join our conference at 9:30am - 12:35pm, Wednesday 2nd, November, 2022.


- The Befriending Networks Team



Download Befriending Week 2022 Resource Pack with detailed tips and links to all graphics, videos, and statistics!

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