The Birchall Trust

The Birchall Trust empowers people affected by rape, and sexual abuse, sexual violence, and exploitation to recover from their trauma so they can lead safe and fulfilling lives. The Birchall Trust provide Trauma Informed Counselling services to adults, young people and play therapy to children under 12. We work with men, women, girls and boys aged over 4 years old across South Cumbria and Lancashire providing counselling in over 17 locations. Our counselling services focus on working with people who are ready to process complex trauma with their therapist. A range of modalities are used to maximise opportunities for recovery according to each person’s needs.

Our Befriending Service is designed to provide help to survivors who overcome social isolation and receive support to engage with community services.

Information for volunteers

Our vision is to live in a society that is free from rape, sexual violence, and abuse. Until this is achieved, we want to make sure that nobody has to suffer alone.

Birchall supports people affected by rape, exploitation, and sexual abuse across Cumbria and Lancashire.

We offer trauma informed advice, support, therapy, groups, and training services in a safe space to help people recover from trauma and lead fulfilling lives.

Befriending can be provided either:

• Virtually, by video call or telephone where people who use our services feel they are unable to leave their home, or

• Face to face, providing help to people by meeting in the community, our offices, or other safe places that you mutually agree.

The main purpose of the role of a Befriender is to help people who have experienced rape, sexual abuse, and exploitation to overcome social isolation and engage with their communities.

Birchall is committed to ensuring that the people who use our services feel they are being heard, listened to, and believed. As a Birchall Befriender you will play a crucial role in helping people to recover from the trauma they have experienced.


Bethany De Hert
The Birchall Trust
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