Plasma of Hope

Plasma of Hope aims to improve the quality of health, social and economic wellbeing of those affected by genetic blood disorders such as Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Disease (SCD), as well as survivors of associated complications, including stroke and other health issues resulting in disability. SCD is an inherited disorder that affects red blood cells, negatively impacting every organ in the body, which increases the risk of stroke, anaemia, and severe infections. Those with SCD can experience deliberating pain which dramatically impacts their quality of life.

Our services have been proven to prevent hospital stays, which has a significant impact on an individual’s mental health both in hospital and when being discharged. We help through improving employment opportunities, as many struggle to find suitable work due to ill health so we therefore support individuals by helping them find more flexible work and provide them with opportunities to upskill and train for jobs that are less stressful.

We also reduce crisis incidents through educating SCD sufferers on triggers like the importance of healthy eating, staying hydrated & getting enough rest. A crisis incident can cause an extensive amount of stress, significantly impacting an individual's mental health. Therefore, by reducing these incidents we are improving the overall emotional wellbeing of someone suffering with these conditions.

Beyond the support we offer to individuals and their support network, we also strive to increase awareness of Sickle Cell and Thalassemia in the wider community, improving the knowledge and education around living with these conditions. We have previously done this through our covid-19 campaign, which created more awareness around living with Sickle Cell and thalassemia whilst also encouraging those with the disease to get the vaccine.

Information for volunteers

▏ To support and make life more comfortable for those living with SCD/other related illnesses in Walsall & other surrounding areas in the Black Country.
▏ To offer support to carers/those in a close network, providing them with support for both themselves & those they care for, as well as acknowledging the work they do.
▏ To raise awareness of SCD in the wider community, and show the impact it has on an individual and how society can adapt to make life more normal for sufferers.

▏ Our Befriending and Wellbeing support- We offer beneficiaries support sessions held via video conferencing, giving them space to talk openly & share how they are feeling. We also sensitise them on home remedies & lifestyle choices like improving their diet.
▏ Everyday support- We coordinate volunteers to pick up medications, help with shopping, provide transport for medical appointments, & also assist with home chores like cleaning/laundry.
▏ Training & Employment support- We improve employment opportunities, finding more flexible work & providing sufferers with opportunities to upskill and train for jobs that are less stressful.
▏ Campaigning- Raising awareness by organising sensitisation & awareness campaigns.


Marie-Claire Kofi
Plasma Of Hope
Nash Dom Community Hub
Sun Street
West Midlands