Move On

The Move On Support Service provides social and emotional support to young people aged 16-25 who have previously been affected by homelessness and who are living in the City of Edinburgh. Befriendees are referred by LinkLiving before being supported by a trained volunteer over a six-month period, taking part in social activities and providing emotional support.

Information for volunteers

Volunteer befrienders provide invaluable social and emotional support to vulnerable members of the community, helping them to work towards personal goals. Volunteers are provided with Befriender Training before being matched with a young person. Befrienders will meet with their befriendee regularly over six months, taking part in a range of activities allowing the young person to develop new skills and work towards individualised targets. Activities can include: visiting museums, painting, learning a new sport, gaming, walking, language classes, etc. Volunteer befrienders will be supported throughout the duration of the programme and will have access to a range of training and development opportunities.


Louise Stroobant
Move On
25 Greenside Place