Evaluation Report - A Befriending Networks' Program in 2018-2021 funded by National Lottery Fund's Building Connection Fund

This is a evaluation report of a Befriending Networks’ programme run between 2018 and 2021 funded by the National Lottery Community Fund’s Building Connections Fund. The evaluation is done by independent consultant Mr. Chris Creegan.

The funding enabled Befriending Networks to offer increased support to current English members who were planning to reach out to a wider community by developing services and to reach out to new and potential services in England who are considering setting up a befriending scheme.


‘It is clear from the ‘before and after’ scoring sections of the evaluation questionnaires that the workshops met the goals of attendees with a significant increase in all areas of knowledge.’

‘It was good to take recommendations from a national organisation to my board. It helped me present an argument about direction and change.’

‘When I joined, we didn’t really measure. There was no framework. The learning from Befriending Networks and what other organisations have done will help us create one.’

‘Befriending Networks are really good at lobbying. They have been trailblazers on loneliness and isolation. They helped us contribute to the UK parliament’s call for evidence. Lobbying isn’t something we do ourselves. They do the front running which gives befriending recognition.’

Please download the report for details.