Hearing Voices Network, Dundee

Our Bridging The Gap scheme is for anyone living in the Dundee area who is experiencing mental health illness, is in receipt of a service, is socially isolated and/or who could benefit from the support and encouragement a volunteer befriender could provide.

Information for volunteers

Being a befriender is basically being a friend to someone who, for whatever reason, may need a friend but find it difficult to form friendships or finds it difficult to meet new people. The befriending relationship hopes benefits for both people in the friendship. For the Befriended, they gain support, reduced social isolation and take part in something they enjoy just to name a few benefits. For the Befriender there are also quite a few benefits, such as the ones listed below.

* The opportunity to witness the effect their companionship and advice born from their own experience has on the life of the person they are befriending.
* Gain insight into other people’s experiences, which might retrospectively help them in their day to day.
* Becoming a Befriender involves a journey of personal growth and recovery.
* Gain further knowledge about Mental Health.
* Travel expenses and insurance are ensured for all volunteered engaged in Befriending on behalf of the Hearing Voices Network


Hearing Voices Network, Dundee
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