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Befriending Map of Gaps



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About 'Befriending Map of Gaps'

This snapshot of thematic and geographical befriending service provision across Scotland is an updated version of our 2012 Map of Gaps.

This document comprises part of the 2014 Befriending Resource Pack, which is available on the Befriending Networks website. The complete pack contains the following:
1. Good Practice in Befriending-a comprehensive guide to befriending practice in the UK
2. Befriending Map of Gaps : a look at befriending service provision across Scotland
3. Square 1: Developing new befriending services
4. A summary of recent research evidence
5. The Quality in Befriending award
6. Befriending in Scotland-an overview of current practice.
Publication of the Resource Pack was made possible with assistance from the Scottish Government Directorate for Health and Social Care integration

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