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Befriending and Communities - Annual Conference report 2017



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About 'Befriending and Communities - Annual Conference report 2017'

Report of the Befriending Networks Annual Conference 2017

Befriending and communities: The role of relationships in building a stronger future
There is a growing awareness – at all levels – of the central importance of community in our lives and of the need to re-build and empower communities. Voices from every sector – from government to local organisations – are calling for us to work towards a future in which the places we live are nurturing, open, welcoming and useful.
Building relationships between individuals – where no relationships currently exist – is central to this endeavour, so how can we make sure that befriending plays a leading role in realising this vision? What new possibilities does this wider emphasis on re-building communities open up for our sector, and what are the challenges which a community-focused approach would present us with?
The Befriending Networks Annual Conference in Edinburgh on the 3rd of November 2017 was a day of learning, discussion and exchange on this important topic.

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