Befriender Training Toolkit: How To Use It

In Autumn 2023, Befriending Networks went through a rebrand. As part of this, our Befriender Training Toolkit is due a catch up to our new branding and in January 2024, the Befriender Training Toolkit will be given a new look and an update. (Previously called the Volunteer Toolkit). 
Please be aware that every January, the Befriender Training Toolkit is moved to a new location to ensure current members have access and to allow us to monitor how often the toolkit it used. If you are planning befriender training within January, please ensure you access the resources now and download as needed. All members will be contacted in January when the new resources are available. 

About this session

One of our exclusive membership benefits is access to our befriender training toolkit. This 1.5hour session is designed to explain the toolkit. Clarifying what the contents are, how to use the training resources, how to make them specific to your projects and your befriender's needs.

The toolkit contains Videos, PowerPoints, Interactive Activities, MP3, Reading Materials and Written Tasks. Join the developer of the toolkit, Victoria, to ask any questions, learn how to make the most of the free resource, and to make any requests you may have.

Who is this session for? 

  • Befriending staff who have registered for the toolkit but are unsure how to use it 
  • Befriending staff who are interested in using the toolkit but want to learn more about it 
  • Befriending staff who have been using the toolkit but have questions or requests 
  • Befriending staff who want new ideas for designing their own volunteer training 
  • Projects who want to learn more about this membership benefit before committing 

What does the session cover? 

  • How to register for the toolkit
  • How to navigate the toolkit 
  • How to edit and use the toolkit to fit your project
  • An explanation of how and why the toolkit was designed
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • An opportunity to raise requests for additional content 


This is entirely free to attend - please note that the toolkit is exclusive to members of Befriending Networks, but non-members are welcome to attend to find out more about the toolkit and one of the great exclusive benefits our membership offers. 


The Zoom Link will be shared in your booking confirmation email. This is an automated email from our website so please make sure to check your inbox and spam. 


Contact the facilitator and designer of the toolkit: