Volunteer Training Toolkit: How to Session

This event is part of our month-long programme for national conference, from October 18th to November 16th 2022. This programme consists of eleven different events, and the majority are FREE. See our full conference programme HERE.


About this session: 

One of our exclusive membership benefits is access to our volunteer training toolkit. This 1.5hour session is designed to explain the toolkit. Clarifying what the contents are, how to use the training resources, how to make them specific to your projects and its volunteer needs.

The toolkit contains Videos, PowerPoints, Interactive Activities, MP3, Reading Materials and Written Tasks. Join the developer of the toolkit, Victoria, to ask any questions, learn how to make the most of the free resource, and to make any requests you may have.

Who is this session for? 

  • Befriending staff who have registered for the toolkit but are unsure how to use it 
  • Befriending staff who are interested in using the toolkit but want to learn more about it 
  • Befriending staff who have been using the toolkit but have questions or requests 
  • Befriending staff who want new ideas for designing their own volunteer training 

What does the session cover? 

  • How to register for the toolkit
  • How to navigate the toolkit 
  • How to edit and use the toolkit to fit your project
  • An explanation of how and why the toolkit was designed
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • An opportunity to raise requests for additional content



This is entirely free for members to attend - you need to be logged into your membership in order to book on to this membership exclusive event. 


Contact the facilitator and designer of the toolkit: Victoria@befriending.co.uk