Volunteer Toolkit How To Session

Due to high demand, this how to session will run once a quarter in 2022, with a capacity of 50 spaces per run. This is a free session for our members. 

Who is this session for? 

  • Befriending staff who have registered for the toolkit but are unsure how to use it 
  • Befriending staff who are interested in using the toolkit but want to learn more about it 
  • Befriending staff who have been using the toolkit but have questions or requests 
  • Befriending staff who want new ideas for designing their own volunteer training 

What does the session cover? 

  • How to register for the toolkit
  • How to navigate the toolkit 
  • How to edit and use the toolkit to fit your project 
  • An explanation of how and why the toolkit was designed 
  • An opportunity to ask questions 
  • An opportunity to raise requests for additional content


This is entirely free for members to attend - you need to be logged into your membership in order to book on to this event. 


Contact the facilitator and designer of the toolkit: Victoria@befriending.co.uk