Staff Registration to Access the Volunteer Training Toolkit (Membership Exclusive)

The newly developed Volunteer Training Toolkit is one of the key benefits Befriending Networks offers to its members. This Toolkit provides befriending coordinators with a variety of resources to assist in training volunteer befrienders. It has been specifically designed to provide essential information about befriending, which should be used alongside in-house, organisation-specific training. When your organisation registers for the Toolkit, your staff will receive access to:

  • Links to training resources that can be distributed to volunteers
  • Ideas for interactive training activities
  • Powerpoint presentations about Support & Spervision, Confidentiality & Safeguarding and Communication
  • Links to YouTube videos on Boundaries, Building a Relationship and Communication Skills
  • Reflective questions and excersises
  • Audio recordings about Building a Relationship, Boundaries and Communication

This registration is for member organisations only; the names of participating volunteers should not be provided.