Training for Trainers: How to facilitate effective training in your befriending service

All Vital Skills courses have been redesigned to ensure they cater to a coordinator or trainer role who work in both face-to-face services as well as distance befriending projects.

Purpose of course

Training for Trainers is designed for those new to their role of training volunteers and/or staff. The course is also applicable for those that need refresher training. A trainer must be able to prepare, facilitate and evaluate their training. This course is split into those three sections to ensure you leave the course with confidence on how to be the best trainer possible with relevant, engaging and dynamic content.

Assessment of Learning

This course is the largest of our vital skills modules, some of the topics included are:

Part 1: Preparing Your Training

  • How to include individual learning styles
  • Creating a teaching plan

The assignment of Part 1 is to submit a teaching plan to show your understanding of the course content.

Part 2: Facilitating Your Training

  • Setting the right tone: ground rules; icebreakers; energizers
  • Controlling your environment
  • Facilitation styles 

The assignment of Part 2 is to facilitate a 15 minute presentation to your peers to show your understanding of the course content. All participants will gain access to some examples of volunteer training as well as the Being a Befriender good practice guide to assist your creation of volunteer training content.

Part 3: Evaluating Your Training

  • Gathering and Delivering Feedback
  • Reviewing and recreating content

The assignment of Part 3 is to evaluate your training as well as your peers presentation to show your understanding of the course content. 

Duration and Time Commitment

We are aware that many staff in the third sector are part-time. For this reason, the course is spread out over some time to allow participants to balance their study time within personal and/or work commitments. On average, participants take nine hours to complete this vital skills module. This work is to be completed within your own time, scheduling your independent learning around your work schedule and commitments.

There are several zoom sessions to attend for training for trainers, each session is mandatory and allows you to gain feedback on your work and get support for the next assessment. The schedule of the live sessions on Zoom are as follows:

  1. Session one on Preparing: Tuesday 2nd August, 1:30pm - 2pm (1 Hour)
  2. Session two on Facilitating: Tuesday 9th August, 9:30am - 11:30am (2 Hours)
  3. Session three on Evaluating: Tuesday 16th August, 9:30am - 10:30am (1 Hour) 


This course is £95 for members of Befriending Networks, £110 for non-members. Are you a member? Make sure to log in before booking to receive your discount.


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