FULLY BOOKED: Support and Supervision: Creating a professional support system that protects all

All Vital Skills courses have been redesigned to ensure they cater to a coordinator or trainer role who work in both face-to-face services as well as distance befriending projects.

Purpose of course

This module is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of support and supervision procedures for your team. Supporting and supervising our volunteers is a constant challenge for befriending services. Making sure you have a clear message about the support that is available and the supervision that is required is important for multiple reasons, such as risk management and safeguarding. This course is designed to help you provide the necessary provision to ensure your befrienders feel safe and your service users are well looked after.

Please note: Though this course is focused on supporting and supervising the volunteer, much of the material is also suitable for line managing staff.

Assessment of Learning

To complete this course, all sections are mandatory. You will access our online training platform and work through the reading materials and written activities. Work must demonstrate a development of knowledge and understanding of the course content, and display strong ability in reflection to pass this course. Participants will receive a certificate on completion. Some of the topics included in the course are:

  • How to design a supervision agenda to good practice  
  • Calculating which questions are best for your data, monitoring and support needs  
  • Establishing personal and professional boundaries within support
  • Reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of different support models  

Duration and Time Commitment

We are aware that many staff in the third sector are part-time. For this reason, the course is spread out over some time to allow participants to balance their study time within personal and/or work commitments. On average, participants take six hours to complete a vital skills module. This work is to be completed within your own time, scheduling your independent learning around your work schedule and commitments. On the last day of this course all participants come together to discuss the materials, their answers and to participate in some interactive tasks. This session is held on Zoom.

The final zoom session for this course is on Wednesday 28th September, 1pm - 3pm


This course is £55 for members of Befriending Networks, £65 for non-members. Are you a member? Make sure to log in before booking to receive your discount.


Contact the course facilitator Nicola@befriending.co.uk