Edinburgh: Risk Management, Boundaries and Safeguarding

In one day, complete two Vital Skills modules with this compact training

Risk Management: 

Developing your knowledge and understanding in risk management, this module focuses on the need on the need for risk management as well as the best way to infiltrate it within your organisation. Learn how to create a risk assessment, influence safety in your projects and ensure you are meeting national legislation. By the end of this module participants will have explored:

  • What risk management is and why it’s needed.
  • The reasons for safety concerns within befriending.
  • Which practices befriending projects can use to influence safety and how befriending services can make these practices most effective.
  • Good practice in risk assessing clients.
  • National legislation of relevance to risk management in befriending.
  • The HSE risk assessment five-step model and its application.
  • The idea that good risk assessment can and should allow you to feel safe about being adventurous


"We have boundaries in every relationship that we have. More often than not, these are unspoken and unacknowledged even to ourselves. Often we are unaware of where our boundaries lie in any relationship until they are overstepped. Befriending relationships are unique in combining both personal and professional elements, so it could be confusing.
All the more reason, then, that boundaries are established, acknowledged, spoken about and understood for the sake of our clients, our volunteers and our organisations" Guide to Good Practice in Befriending

This module looks at establishing boundaries within the befriending relationship and service. By the end of the session participants will developed their knowledge and understanding by exploring the following learning outcomes:

  • Why boundaries are important within befriending
  • The different levels of boundaries relevant within a befriending organisation
  • Common boundaries within befriending
  • How to establish boundaries in your service
  • Why boundaries within befriending might be overstepped
  • How to respond if boundaries in your service are breached
  • Some good practice guidelines in establishing and maintaining the appropriate boundaries for your service


Safeguarding is a very important topic when working with any vulnerable group. All staff, volunteers and service users should be aware of the safeguarding, confidentiality and boundary policies and procedures as they are all interlinked. The topic of safeguarding will be covered throughout the day and will review standards set by OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator).

This is a full day event, running 9:30am - 4pm. Teas, coffees, fruit and biscuits will be provided but please bring your own lunch. The venue is just outside Edinburgh Waverly Station so easy access through multiple forms of public transport as well as access to things like Sainsbury's, Subway and Pret a Manger. Please see the venue link for directions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitiate to get in touch.