Online Vital Skills: Training for Trainers

The training you provide to your volunteer befrienders needs to be relevant, engaging and dynamic for it to be effective. A trainer must have the skills to design and deliver appropriate training and also to inspire and motivate their participants. The aim of this Training for Trainers module is to give you the all background and information you need to develop these skills.

This module is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding for training your staff and volunteers. This module will give you an opportunity to explore:

– the general principles of successful learning methods
– the concept of individual learning styles and its implications for trainers
– frequent barriers to learning and strategies for overcoming them
– how to prepare and introduce a training session
– the purpose of icebreakers and energisers and principles for using them effectively
– facilitation and presentation skills in training delivery
– how to achieve the transfer of learning
– your own strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears as a trainer
– the purpose and content of your befriender training programme
– the session planning skills required to put training content together effectively
– challenging situations in training and how to overcome them successfully

Vital Skills is made up of one resource pack (which includes the theory, best practice and advice) and one activity pack where you are asked to put your knowledge to the test. Modules may also have quizzes. All work is accessible online and is marked online. This streamlined format is designed to support your busy schedules. The contact session takes place on Go To Meeting. During this webinar you can compare answers with other organisations, share best practice as well as get feedback on your work.

**Both the course work and the webinar session are mandatory for achieving the module.