Vital Skills for Staff

”This will assist me in my new role... I enjoyed the course, the homework of course was a great help, and I liked hearing everyone’s feedback and opinions on the video meeting."

Heather, LEAP

”This is the 1st time I have took part on online training but I really did enjoy it and found some really useful tips.”

Donna, St Andrews Hospice

About the Courses

Befriending Networks has developed a series of nine courses in response to the Vital Skills needed by befriending workers. They provide comprehensive grounding for new workers or a refresher for more experienced workers. The following nine courses are offered several times a year online and face-to-face. Please scroll down to see available training dates.

  • Training for Trainers: The most in-depth of all the Vital Skills Courses, Training for Trainers will give you the confidence to deliver successful training sessions to staff and volunteers. Gain a knowledge of different learning styles and techniques as well as how to develop a teaching plan with objectives and outcomes.
  • Recruitment & Selection: Develop a knowledge of how to advertise, interview and recruit volunteers effectively.
  • Support & Supervision: Get the most out of support & supervision by learning to create an agenda, an empathetic environment, ensure sessions are legally recorded.
  • Boundaries: Learn to establish boundaries, recognise different types of boundaries in your organisation and what to do when a boundary is crossed.
  • Matching: Discuss best practice, ways to create lasting and fulfilling matches and what to do when challenges arise.
  • Risk Management: Understand the importance of risk management within your organisation, complete a risk assessment and ensure you are complying with legislation.
  • Managing Waiting Lists & Endings: Discuss best practice and different methods of management to improve this aspect of your service.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Analyse how service delivery is measured and recorded and ways to draw conclusions from data to evidence your service's impact.
  • Project Development: Assess your organisation's motive for project development and learn to create a SWOT analysis, a strategic plan, and a environment that is ready for change.

Cost of online training 

Training for Trainers is £90 for members (£110 for non-members). All other Vital Skills are £50 per module for members (£60 per module for non-members). If you choose to do all nine modules, Vital Skills is a set rate of £450 for members (£550 for non-members).

Cost of face-to-face training 

We do try to keep our cost of training similar to our online module rate but fee's may vary due to factors such as venue hire. Please check individual events for cost.


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Found 16 events.

Online Vital Skills: Project Development

4-18 July; Webinar 18 July, 1-3pm

Online Vital Skills: Training for Trainers

7-28 August; Webinar 28 August, 1-4pm

Edinburgh: Training for Trainers

Wednesday 7th August 2019, 9:30am - 4pm

Online Vital Skills: Recruitment and Selection

21 August - 4 September; Webinar 4 September, 1-3pm

Online Vital Skills: Support and Supervision

28 August - 11 September; Webinar 11 September, 1-3pm

London: Training for Trainers

Monday 2nd September 2019, 9:30am - 4pm

Online Vital Skills: Boundaries

4-18 September; Webinar 18 September, 1-3pm

Online Vital Skills: Matching

11-25 September; Webinar 25 September, 1-3pm

Online Vital Skills: Risk Management

18 September - 2 October; Webinar 2 October, 1-3pm

Online Vital Skills: Managing Waiting Lists & Endings

2-16 October; Webinar 16 October, 1-3pm

Online Vital Skills: Monitoring & Evaluation

9-23 October; Webinar 23 October, 1-3pm

Online Vital Skills: Project Development

16-30 October; Webinar 30 October, 1-3pm