Bereavement in Befriending

I enjoyed the way that the workshop was presented and felt included and listened to.
Interesting how facilitator used group workshops as a way to describe how indivdulas relate to bearevement with others. Always very thought provoking and the faciliator has a good honest and down to earth approach, which always keeps it interesting/engaging.
Really beneficial hearing from other groups about how they respond to volunteers and service users who have suffered a loss.

Purpose of course:

Bereavement in Befriending has been designed due to feedback and a high request from befriending services. This 2.5hour course is designed to support both volunteers and staff with the difficulties and barriers they may face when dealing with a bereavement. Though this may be a more common circumstance in older services, this course is designed to cater to all ages and projects. Information and activities present can also be used to inspire in-house bereavement training for your project. Topics covered are:

  • What is bereavement/grief?
  • Theories on understanding bereavement
  • Communication and empathy
  • Resilience
  • Death and bereavement in different cultures
  • Supporting service users who are bereaved
  • Supporting volunteers who are bereaved
  • Loss of independence and confidence 
  • Shared experience and networking

Assessment of learning: 

This course content is a booklet How to handle and support bereavement in your service. This resource provides information to help both organisation and volunteer. During the online session participants will discuss what information and activities can be of use during staff and/or volunteer training, as well as information that can support someone during a loss. The reflective online workshop allows the opportunity to share knowledge and learning, share guidance and experience, compare policies and procedures, and ask any questions you may have.

Duration and Time Commitment: 

You will be sent the resource after the interactive workshop. The only fixed time is the webinar where attendance is mandtoary to gain access to the resource. 


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