Management and Leadership in Befriending Projects

"I really enjoyed the bank of resources within the assignments and assessments allowed me to reflect in my own time."  - "The best thing about this course was the reflection pieces and the opportunity to discuss these reflections with peers. Really appreciated our coach adapting to our needs each week for every session." - "The online platform allowed me to study when I needed to - and when I could. Work is always busy, so being able to do ten minutes here and there allowed perfect flexibility for me" - Participants 2023 
Management and Leadership scored 9.5 / 10 from participants in 2023 

Purpose of course

This course is designed for staff within befriending projects. It provides support and the opportunity to grow in knowledge and skills for continued professional development. Management and Leadership is suitable for anyone looking to increase their responsibilities within a befriending project or to take on a new progressive role. Course content includes:

  • Defining a Manager and a Leader 
  • Setting Boundaries 
  • Taking Ownership
  • Motivating your Team 
  • Handling Change 
  • Managing Poor Performance 
  • Feedback and Constructive Criticism 
  • Inducting New Members of Staff
  • Delegation 
  • Stress in the Work Place
  • Time Management
  • Funding and Responsible Sourcing
  • Contingency Planning

Throughout this course, you will have access to 1:1 support from a member of Befriending Networks staff who will coach you through the reading and support you to apply the theory to your workplace setting and to implement both personal and professional goals into your befriending project.

Assessment of Learning

This course contains a number of assessments, due dates are broken down across the duration of the course to be accessible around work schedules. All students will receive 1:1 support through written feedback on assessments as well as any emails where appropriate. To ensure you feel supported throughout your training experience, there are webinars to provide you with face-to-face time with your trainer as well as the opportunity to learn from your peers and other befriending projects.

On average, there is a piece of work to be completed and submitted online every week of the course. There are also four mandatory sessions to attend online. A certificate of completion will be issued if work is submitted by the deadline and webinar participation is achieved.

Duration and Time Commitment

The course schedule is structured around independent learning. Four webinar times are set and mandatory, however, how you complete the rest of the work is flexible to your work schedules and personal needs. Please note that, on average, this course requires several hours of independent study as well as 10 hours of webinar attendance.

  1. 1:1 Induction with your coach to be arranged and take place before session 1 (30mins)  
  2. Session 1: Monday 22nd April 10 - 12:30 (2.5hrs)
  3. Session 2: Monday 29th April 10 - 12:30 (2.5hrs)
  4. Session 3: Monday 6th May 10 - 12:30 (2.5hrs)
  5. Session 4: Monday 13th May 10 - 12:30 (2.5hrs) 


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* Please note: we understand that circumstances may require a change of training dates. We allow you to defer once when we are given notice of at least 48 hours, after that it is seen as a non-refundable cancellation. Please check your diary before committing to any dates.