Running a Befriending Service

I enjoyed the session and the opportunity for networking with organisations in a similar position as us. The idea of tester parts for the different courses you run was really good as it gave me a focused overview of important points we need to consider when planning the service. 
The training was excellent, there was a good number of facilitators to share the speaking and technology requirements. There was plenty of interactive sessions to allow for discussions and to break up the learning of information.
You all did brilliant!! Great to get to know more of the team...Likely to join the network as a result of this training


Join our membership officers online on Tuesday 20th September, 12:30pm - 3pm. This training session is an interactive discussion and networking event designed specifically for new befriending projects or staff that are new to their role. Open to everyone, this is a chance to network with members and non-members of Befriending Networks, growing your contacts and peer-support. This event is facilitated by our membership officers:

  • Sandra (For projects in England, Wales)
    Nicola (For projects in England, International)
    Jenny (For projects in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland)

We will hopefully introduce our new Welsh Membership Officer at this event too. All attendees of this event will gain access to our Good Practice Guide: Running a Befriending Service, a membership exclusive commonly. This resource contains all the key information you need to launch and manage your befriending operations. The session online covers three key topics:

  1. Looking After Wellbeing
  2. Key Policies and Procedures
  3. Volunteer Recruitment and Retainment

Register for your space now. This is £15 for members of Befriending Networks and £25 for non-members.